Senate Bill-969 And How It Will Affect Californians

In September of 2018 Gov. Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill-969 into effect. What this Bill means to us here in Southern California is that effective July 1st, 2019 all garage door openers sold and installed will be required to have a battery backup mechanism. This was all brought to the table because of at least 5 deaths that occurred in the 2017 wildfire season.

The deaths were reportedly caused when the residents lacked the strength to operate their doors manually in the power outage caused by the fires. The battery backup units now being required will prevent these events in the future, and also provide ease of exit and entrance in the event of a regular power outage. This does create some challenges for garage door installation companies, as the law is written contractors will no longer be able to reconnect to existing operators that don’t have this feature.

We anticipate that some newer model operators will be able to have an external unit added to them to bring them up to the required level by the law. Also in the event that our customer will need to purchase a new operator, Caliber Garage Doors will begin offering an affordable alternative starting June 1st. We will have a ½ horsepower chain drive operator that will come with 2 remotes that we are offering at $399 installed.

We hope that with this offering, as well as our continued research into the Bill, we will be able to continue to bring to our customer the low cost as well as premium solutions to their garage door related needs.

Jarrett Buckelew
V.P Operations